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EraCal Therapeutics Ltd. is a Swiss biotech company committed to cutting-edge science and medicine.

Obesity Program

Today millions of people are obese. At the individual level, obesity reduces life expectancy by 3-4 years causing complications such as type 2 diabetes, psychosocial disorders, cancers among many others. Therapeutic options for weight loss exist in the form of lifestyle therapy, weight-lowering drugs and/or bariatric surgeries depending on the disease severity and complications. Unfortunately, all offer a poor benefit/risk ratio to reduce obesity and to prevent the onset of obesity-associated complications.

Phenotypic Drug Discovery Platform

EraCal’s platform enables unbiased and large-scale drug discovery. The journal Science Advances published part of EraCal’s translational proof of concept. Such phenotypic strategies are capable of identifying novel mechanisms of actions and, consequently, are a prime choice to discover first-in-class drugs.

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